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I'm fine thanks.

My garage has recently been broken into. Nothing was stolen, but the damage to the door and deadbolt was a lot. My mom fixed it, and got a new one made. I still have been a bit nervous about what else could happen.

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Have you ever heard of the Selfie Incident in California? It spiked my interest. What could a few young adults do with selfies and IG that would turn out badly? Turns out, that they were taking "inappropriate" selfies. SAAAAAY WHAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!????? Why would you do that? It's a stupid idea in the first place!

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While my school was still in session, on one of the last days, someone thought it would be hilarious to take clay, strawberries, and papertowels, and shove them down into one of the girls bathroom stalls. It clogged up the toilet, and I bet it looked really nasty. I was absent the day that the teacher told us, so that came as a surprise, making me look pretty suspicious. I never did anything, I wouldn't have been able to stomach that sight of the clay, paper towels, and strawberries. Just when I thought that nothing relatively stupid could happen this year!