This is not real and is for entertainment only. It might not classify as a creepypasta though, itss still relatableLet us start with a story of Ben. As in, Ben Drowned, another creepypasta. He was doing his average surfing of the internet (according to the fan community). He saw a page. It said: "Need a clever friend to talk to? A small bot to help you play?" Ben considered this for a moment. Could this "zeroguin.exe" software really help him? Why not he was already dead. It opened and he was not able to close it, only minimize it. He minimized it and looked for anything suspicious on his desktop. One thing stood out to him. A picture. "Z3R0GU1N.exe" He opened the picture and code then covered his screen. Glimpses of "IC3" and "TH4NK2U" highlighted in blue zipped across the screen. A dark transparent mass began to wriggle it's way out of the screen. In the creepypasta manor, Jeff shared a room and was good friends with the drowned ghost. "Slendy! Weve Got a virus coming in!" Slenderman ran into the room, followed by a bemused Jeff. As soon as they entered, the thing got out with a pop, then a thud when it hit the ground. It lay there. It started to push itself up. "Stay Back." Slendy commanded. He went up to the now recovering object. "Hello." He said kindly. The thing gave a little "swank" and ran to a corner. It appeared to be some kind of penguin. It's eyes were black with red dots, like Ben's in most fan drawings. The black leaked as well. The bird started to fizz to the correct shape and color. It was small. It's eyes fluttered around nervously. Slendy picked up the now shaking penguin, which was about as tall as a basketball. It's flippers and feet started to give way to pixels, but stayed there as well. It started speaking, in code that it seemed, no one, could understand. "Z43298?$$&@//\\|¥¥€^#+*[ssJ187" Ben thought. Being from the games himself, could he understand this? Ben understood some of it. 'Accident...Z3R0GU1N...Scared...Internet' This was Z3R0GU1N.exe? Ben spoke back. Here is what he said in real life. "Do not be scared, we will not hurt you. You are safe." Jeff looked back and forth from Ben to Z3R0GU1N. "Can we keep it?" Asked Ben cheerfully. Slendy said "Oh, alright, it seems creepy enough." "I'll call it Z3R0!" Ben squealed. Z3R0 seemed to like that by giving a loud "SWANK!" Ben picked up the small penguin. Slendy left the room. "Do you like knives?" Jeff asked, smirking. Z3R0 nodded. Jeff opened a box and pulled out a small knife. He handed it to the penguin who held it in it's beak.